Aktion Interactive and TC Elite Training on WCCO Radio

Last night we were able to be a part of a very special segment on WCCO Radio with sports reporter Mike Max to discuss one of our most recent and significant passion projects, TC Elite Training.

Aktion Interactive and TC Elite Training Schools on WCCO Radio with Mike Max

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play football at the University of Minnesota, where I gained not only once in a lifetime experiences, but once-in-a-lifetime friendships. My good friend and teammate Tyrone Carter retired after 11 years in the NFL, moving on to share his expertise by starting TC Elite Training, a football technique training program which offers athletes personalized guidance “to achieve their goals both on the football field and in life.”

After catching up with Tyrone upon his return to Minnesota, I was eager to help in any way possible with his endeavor, so we teamed up and  TCEliteTraining.com was launched this spring!

TC Elite Training Schools is hosting it’s first local training camp of the season May 3-4 at Woodbury High School and was invited to discuss this camp, future training opportunities — and of course, Gopher football — with sports reporter Mike Max on WCCO Radio.

Check out the full interview here:

For more information on the TC Elite Training camp in Woodbury on May 3-4 visit TCEliteTraining.com or click here for registration information.

Aktion Interactive Finds Significance at Arise With the Guys

Arise With the Guys - Tony Dungy - Aktion InteractiveLast weekend, the Aktion Interactive team had the opportunity to sponsor and attend the Arise With The Guys, a mens’ leadership event featuring Tony Dungy and James Brown.

Arise with the Guys was a fantastic event for men of all backgrounds, whether you were a father, husband, brother, coach, businessman, or all of the above. We had the opportunity to meet Tony Dungy and several other current and former professional NFL players (pictured left).

In addition, Arise with the Guys attendees were treated to a Skype interview with former Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, and a sit-down interview between Dungy and The NFL Today host James Brown. The main theme of this inspirational event was “Success vs. Significance,” discussing the difference between the two, and what we as fathers, husbands, brothers, coaches, and businessmen, should strive for.

The best illustration of this point may have been from Jared Allen, who came to Minnesota in 2008 — with a reputation as being a star on the field, but a problem off the field. It was at this point in his career that he realized he needed to change, which ultimately led to him focusing on being significant, rather than just successful. As Allen said at the event, “the quarterback sacks and the big contract were great” —but he found himself wondering if those things were what we wanted people to remember him by.

Allen turned his life around off the field. He got married and had a daughter, and even founded a charity, Jared Allen’s Homes 4 Wounded Warriors, and serves as an advocate for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  He’s turned his life around to the point that while he’s currently a free agent in the NFL, several teams have talked about bringing him in as much for his veteran leadership as his performance on the field.

Here on the Aktion team, stories like these really prompt us to examine how we strive for significance as opposed to just success, which is why were were so proud to be a sponsor of Arise With the Guys.

Matt Wangsness-Tony Tellijohn-Aktion Interactive-Arise With the Guys

It’s true we love new clients, and the revenue that accompanies new projects can show success on paper — but that’s not the reason we founded this organization.

Matt and I founded Aktion Interactive  because at our core, we simply love to help people achieve their dreams. Whether your dream is to launch a small startup, increase your sales — or especially if your goal involves changing lives or bringing smiles to the faces of your customers.

It’s the success of our customers that Matt and I enjoy more than anything else, and we believe that in turn, that’s what makes Aktion Interactive not just successful, but significant.

Thanks so much for stopping by the PlayAktion Blog — if you need help with your website, digital marketing plan, or just growing your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to see how we can help! You can also stay updated on Aktion Interative news and digital marketing tips by following Aktion Interactive on Facebook.

Google to Change Course on Not Provided Data

Not Provided - Aktion InteractiveAmit Singhal, chief of search at Google, shocked the SMX West Conference crowd (including host Danny Sullivan) during his keynote conversation, when he admitted that Google was exploring a “solution” to the encrypted — AKA ‘not provided’ — issue with providing traffic-driving keywords in Google Analytics.

True to Google’s style, Singhal didn’t say what the solution might be, or even what the exact problem was (or if Google saw it as a problem). He merely stated that they have been looking at the issue.  Of course, he also stated that Google is content with the way things have gone in organic search, specifically mentioning that they’ve heard continued requests for secure search from Google users.

Singhal also announced that, while he had nothing official to announce, we should expect something to be announced in the coming months, as they find the right solution.

As a search marketing veteran, I had several thoughts go through my mind as I read this news:

  • Might we get our organic data back?
  • How many Google users really know the difference between secure and unsecured search?
  • Lots of search bloggers talk about ‘not provided data’ and the hypocrisy of providing the data on the paid side but not the organic side…
  • I could foresee Google announcing the logical solution to fix the “hypocrisy” would be to stop providing search query data on the paid side as well.

Sure enough, Danny Sullivan lists the potential outcomes in his Search Engine Land summary article “Google Reviewing “Not Provided,” Withholding Keywords From Organic But Not Paid Search Clicks“:

  • Google decides to make no change
  • Clicks may pass only to sites that run secure servers
  • Google makes all organic click data available through Google Webmaster Tools
  • Organic clicks will have terms restored
  • Paid clicks will have terms withheld

Google has made veiled threats at heading to a world where paid search is less about keywords. This is especially evident with their introduction of the AdWords Express program that allows a novice user to launch a campaign in just minutes, without doing (in a professional’s opinion) proper keyword research and discovery.

While the change to ‘not provided’ on the organic side definitely hurt initially, you can count us on the side that feels it ultimately wasn’t as big of a loss as initially feared. It prompted SEO professionals to pay even more attention to appropriate keyword mapping & targeting, and probably weeded some of the “riffraff” from the industry.

But could Google really be so bold as to completely remove one of the core components of paid SEO from the tool belt of search marketing firms?  How would the search marketing community respond? Moreover, how would advertisers respond, especially if their ads show up for irrelevant terms and they have a harder time optimizing their campaigns? Only time will tell.

What do you think of Google’s discreet maneuvers in not provided data?

Aktion Interactive Sponsors Arise With the Guys


Aktion Interactive is proud to be among the sponsors of the 2014 “Arise With the Guys,” an annual mens-only leadership hosted by NBC sports analyst and Super Bowl winning coach, Tony Dungy and James Brown, Fox NFL Sunday studio host.

The event is designed especially for men, described by its leaders as a “great chance for brothers, husbands and dads to hear a message created just for men to be better men to our sons, daughters, wives and community.”

Tickets are still available for this highly sought-after local event, which attracted over 4,500 men in 2013.

The opportunity to sponsor Arise With the Guys could not have been a more perfect fit for Aktion Interactive. As a former University of Minnesota athlete, brother, son, husband, and after the recent loss of a prominent male presence in my life (my own father), I’m proud to support an event that helps promote strong male leadership in our community.

For more information about “Arise With the Guys,” see the schedule and speaker information below, or click the button at the bottom of this post to purchase tickets.


When: Saturday, March 22, 2014

Where: Grace Church
9301 Eden Prairie Rd. Eden Prairie, MN 55347


  • 7:30am VIP Pre‐Event (INVITE ONLY)
  • 8:30am Pre-Game Show
  • 9:00am Main Event Program (Benefitting Athletes In Action Christian Organization)

Arise With the Guys Order Button

For more updates on Arise With the Guys, including live coverage of the event on Saturday, follow us on Twitter at @AktionOnline.